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September 13, 2007

Celebrity WTF? Watch: Adrian Brody and Robert Downey, Jr.

Okay, everyone, enlighten me: What is up with guys looking crazy lately? Is Hollywood only making movies right now that demand gross hair and strange mustaches and ridiculous hats? Is Vincent Gallo actually the poster boy for a new revolution of fugitude in our matinee idols?

Adrien Brody, what is this mullet-like creature plopped atop your head? STOP THAT. It's awful. You don't even seem to be making a movie right now, so unless you're doing reshoots for something, you can't hide behind the excuse that you're very busy playing a pizza delivery boy who wrings the grease from a slice of pepperoni to style his bangs and suddenly becomes an overnight sensation in the field of hair-care. Although I would probably watch that movie, because I am shameless, and it would probably be on ABC Family in a marathon with Mystic Pizza.

Scarier than Adrien, though, is what Robert Downey, Jr., has done to himself.

He is currently shooting a Ben Stiller comedy about actors playing soldiers. So, wait, what am I complaining about here? Of COURSE he borrowed Rod Stewart's hair! Rod is a soldier too. A soldier of love.

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