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September 28, 2007

Fug Me Down

I assume Emmy Rossum is so excited because her CD is coming out, and her music video is being splashed all over the Interwebs. Certainly it's not the overly boring and wrinkly shift she's wearing, which is a great color but which sucks all the youth out of her.

Aside from Dakota Fanning, Emmy is pretty much the youngest little old lady in the business. In a way, though, that's apt, since she's churning out the sort of quasi-New Age music that you'd expect to hear a bunch of crones relaxing to while they get their salt scrubs in Palm Springs. It's like Enya, with a tad of Imogen Heap thrown in to give it an illusion of hipness. Her voice is hugely overproduced, considering that she's a classically trained singer. And the video... is magic.

And because it's been a long week here at GFY HQ and possibly a rough one for some of you out there, we'd like to borrow a little something from those wry geniuses at The Daily Show and present Emmy's music video to you -- after the jump -- as this week's Fugment of Zen.

It's not all fugly, per se. Her hair and her skin look fantastic, and when she is wearing clothes and not bedsheets, she mostly looks fine, except maybe for that one maxi dress she keeps rubbing against her face. The part of Imogen Heap she's borrowing from is NOT the part of her that wears frogs on her hats and carries parasols.

And yet there's an almost tangible fugness of spirit to it. I have seen the color of its aura, and it is a rich shade of fugple. There's something hysterical about the way she acts the SHIT out of it, going from confused and wounded -- "FEEL the speed of the traffic, Emmy! You're confused! You're lost! WHERE ARE YOU? Also, show more of your breasts" -- to orgasmically happy. Really, it's transcendent.

Enjoy! Happy Friday.

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