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September 28, 2007

Fugger Willis

There is a lot wrong with this picture. But I think you'll understand if I skip over the dirty ballet flats and stained sweater in favor of saying, "OH MY GOD, RUMER, WHAT IN THE NAME OF BILLY IDOL DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR?"

[Photo: infdaily.com]

This reminds me of a crappy yellow wig -- basically just a slab of cheap fuzz -- that a friend of mine wore when he went as Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes for Halloween. Except he got to take his off at the end of the day, and also a few times in the middle of it, because he couldn't stand it. Much as I am having trouble looking at Rumer. It's like she got a Tyra Banks Special. You know, from Miss T's constant obsession with using makeover day to bleach into oblivion some poor America's Next Top Model wannabe's hair -- and in at least two cases, pausing first to chop off all their hair in a "style" that makes it look like the model had stuck 70 pieces of bubble gum all over her head and needed a dramatic rescue.

Is this a cry for attention? Is this what happens when her alleged BFF Hayden Pannnettttieitiererere gets too busy with work (and threatening to kill photographers and looking as carefully cosy as possible with her older co-star so that she'll have something she can coyly deny)? Did Rumer bet Ashton a bleach job that Lindsay Lohan would be out of rehab by Labor Day? Is she angling to star as Susan Powter in an off-Broadway musical called Start The Insanity? Or did she erroneously think, just because Demi was blondish in St. Elmo's Fire and The Butcher's Wife, that she could pull this off and become a sex symbol? Because, seriously, the way this turned out, she should've looked to G.I. Jane first.

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