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September 28, 2007

Fugly Williams

Poor Cheetah Girl. Not only is the name of her band kind of a sad knockoff of Pussycat Dolls -- next up: the Meerkat Kids! -- but she is wandering around in public swaddled in a bedraggled half-tarp, half-tablecloth.

Maybe this outfit represents one of the many steps down from Pussycat to Cheetah. Whereas Robin Antin has bravely committed her life to ensuring that the Dolls are about understanding their inner confident sexyness and sexy confidence, the Cheetahs are merely required to find their inner wet-t-shirt-contest participant and then walk around cloaked in an aura of dampness. Seriously, that skirt looks sopping wet. For her sake, I hope she did just win a free drink coupon in Cancun before she got to this party. That's about the only thing that would make this worth it.

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