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September 14, 2007

Hidden Fugs

Oh, Sharon Lawrence, WHAT IS UP WITH YOU LATELY?

You're so good-looking, and you seem like you might be a fun girl to get a martini with and talk about men and beauty products and what a disaster Hidden Palms was and how soon you knew it wasn't going to work. But lately, you've been dressing like you might have suffered a wee head injury.  From the thighs down, you're kind of like a messy teen pirate (and girl, I know what it's like when you can't get your boot zipped up. A tip from me to you: lie on the floor, stick your leg up over your head, and zip as hard as you can. Try NOT to do this in the shoe department at Bloomies, if you are shy).  From the thighs up, you're going to the Is It a Shirt Or A Dress? God, Sometimes Fashion Confuses Me. Why Can't Things Just Be Easy? Oh, Look, They Have An Open Bar! theme party.

Which I guess would be fun for a teen pirate, too. So carry on.

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