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September 07, 2007

New York Fugshion Week: Day 2

After two days, countless subway rides (which we actually love) and way too many toe blisters, the New York cab drivers' strike is finally finished. Allegedly. Please, God. I feel like Amber on Big Brother, sitting on my bed tugging at my necklace and weepily thanking you aloud for the special vision you gave me of us swanning around town in easily accessible taxis -- finished with a heartfelt if slightly strange, "God bless you, God."

Here's a look at our latest on Show & Talk:

Also, when we mentioned that Mischa Barton looked "dressed down" and a little slovenly at Miss Sixty, we were being charitable. Check it:

Girl, please. Did you even go home last night? Are those your pants, or the pants of some reedy, seedy rocker dude you picked up at an after-after-after party and swapped clothes with because he had such trendy skinny jeans? Did somebody cast you in Groupies: A Gonorrhific Tale?

We give up. It's a waste of what you've got, but since when have you listened to us?

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