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September 11, 2007

New York Fugshion Week: Day 6

Fashion Week continues apace, full of humidity, rain showers, hot tennis players, and yet more Vincent Gallo. We accidentally made eye contact with him the other day. It was scary...yet somehow intriguing. It felt a lot like this:

In all fairness, though, in spite of looking...you know, like he wandered away from the Manson Compound, Vincent HAS seemed rather cheery and enthusiastic every time we've seen him so far this week. Maybe he's turned over a new leaf, one that doesn't involve as many on-screen sex acts.

Voila, Ye Olde Highlight Reel:

  • We are, yet again, rather mean to Jessica Simpson. But seriously. What is her deal?
  • We totally eyeballed pregnant Juliana Marguiles and her sexy fiance. We saw them canoodling last year and said to each other, "each other, that dude with Juliana Marguiles is HOT. Girlfriend needs to lock that down!" And now she has. We feel so proud. Also, we have to note that we're aware that almost everything we've said in the last week has somehow featured the phrase, "total hottie," but in our defense...I don't know. Boys are cute. If two girls on the loose in the Big Apple can't appreciate, say, Nigel Barker, what has the world come to, I ask of you? What? PS: Roger Federer is hot, too.
  • So are Alyson Hannigan's new bangs, thank god.
  • Did someone say "Roger Federer?"  His hotness actually received APPLAUSE at Oscar de le Renta.
  • Ending the hot streak? Ryan Cabrera.

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