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September 24, 2007

Well Played: Helen Mirren

It's Monday morning, which hardly anyone likes, even if they've had a terrible weekend and are coming into a job that involves foot massages and multiple flirty IMs from the cute boy three cubicles down that you sort of have a crush on. But take heart. It's entirely possible that, on a Monday a few decades from now, you could wake up and realize you've been lucky enough to age like this:

I realize this is hardly a GROUND-BREAKING OPINION PIECE, that Helen Mirren is hot/awesome, but work with me here, cranky desk monkeys. Helen Mirren in a flattering, age-appropriate yet not dowdy, comfortable-looking but still sexy gray dress -- holding her autobiography, which rightly features a giant photo of her face -- should make anyone feel at least mildly better about the state of the world, even if it's just in a "I wonder how's she's avoided being cast in Harry Potter yet -- OH! Speaking of, I totally forgot I hid some CHOCOLATE FROGS IN MY DESK! Thank GOD, all is not lost!" sort of way.

Also, we heard a rumor that she flashed her boobs at the Golden Globes after-party to illustrate that they're real/spectacular, which is way more awesome when it's coming from an Academy Award-winning sexagenarian  than it is from Britney Spears, although I still quite haven't figured out why. 

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