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October 04, 2007

Amy Fugdaris

It pains me to fug Amy Sedaris -- aside from my admiration for the talents of her and her brother David, watching Amy on her guest appearances on Martha has spiced up many a morning here at GFY HQ. But I'm a little worried Martha's arts-and-crafts nature -- maybe the fumes from some papier-mache, or from sniffing the glue you use to glitter up your Halloween pumpkins -- might have gotten to Amy's head. Or, more accurately, the rest of her. 

I don't have the strength to discuss the leggings right now, because the rest of her outfit appears to be inspired by the paper smocks you sometimes put on to visit the girlie doctor. She looks like a flight attendant on Air Gyno. Is there something she knows that we don't? Is the celebrity world moving toward a place where, alongside random drug testing and breathalyzers, famous people could be subject to spontaneous spelunking of various and sundry lady caves? Is this going to put the "pap" in "paparazzi"? If so, well, congratulations, Amy -- churn 'em out in a few more colors and you'll make a killing selling those things at Target.

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