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October 10, 2007

Bryce Fuglas Howard

Once, just once, I'd love to see Bryce Dallas Howard ditch the clunky robes and dress like the twenty-something she is.

Separately, I enjoy that she's at a "Clinique Happy" event in an oppressive, depressing robe. It gives off the impression that she's ogling the crowd and thinking, "Yes, yes... one more eye of newt and some hair from the hussy on the left, and I'll have the PERFECT potion for turning Paris Hilton into a satin-and-feather sofa that'll be stuck in the "CLEARANCE" section of Bobby Trendy's store for all eternity!"  Which... come to think of it, if that's her master plan, then maybe I'll just move along quietly. Nothing to see here. Everybody just leave Bryce to her TOTALLY INNOCENT business.

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