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October 25, 2007

Fug In Real Life

I have been staring at this photo for an hour now. I am finding every excuse to procrastinate dealing with the blank Typepad window: I swept the living room. I started some laundry. I contemplated cleaning the fridge. I even turned on The Tyra Banks Show. No, really.

But Juliette Binoche just won't go away.

Not to Studio 54, not to Xanadu: The Musical, not to hit pseudo-celebrity weight-loss program Dancing With The Stars. She won't even run back to the dungeon room where her evil stepsisters threw her, forcing a bunch of stoned mice and her Fairy Sienna Godmiller to throw together something that at least covered her bits enough to get her out of the house. No, Juliette is out and proud in that thing.

And listen, pride is great. It's also awesome that she's comfortable enough at 43 to be in Playboy this month in France, but seriously, "disco bag lady" is not Juliette Binoche's best look. She should really leave the vagrant style with Helena Bonham Carter, where it belongs.

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