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October 15, 2007

Fug Ling

It's Salute To Buttons day here at GFY HQ, where we acknowledge the brave, necessary work of those wee plastic soldiers and their kin:

Only Bai Ling could wear jeans and a cardigan, and still find a way to make herself a) 50 percent naked , and b) one yawn or stiff breeze away from inviting you to ski her Alps. Let's hope this one of her many personalities -- who looks like she'd fit right into a managerial role at Mister Rogers' Neighborhood's local brothel --  carries a sewing kit, and isn't afraid to use it. Maybe Mister Rogers taught her how. Right before a bitter, jealous Mr. McFeeley caught her and King Friday XIII in a compromising position on the trolley, and Mr. R had to explain to everyone that the Kama Sutra and its many wonderfully acrobatic teachings are a beautiful thing between two loving, mostly fictional beings.

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