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October 12, 2007

Fugcia Fugcia Fugcia

I was never a huge fan of The Brady Bunch when I was a kid. I didn't dislike it -- I'm sure I've seen practically every episode -- and I really enjoyed aspects of it, but when it came time to pick my favorite of the syndicated classic sitcoms in rotation on local channels in the mornings, that I got to watch whenever I was home sick from school, I was a devoted Bewitched girl. For one thing, the caftans were fabulous. For another, Samantha and Darren solve everything with a martini.  For a third: hello, magic! And I imagine if Maureen "Marcia Brady" McCormick here could have wiggled her nose and changed her outfit, she would have:

Marcia, Marcia....you know. While I actually like the colored tights with the boots, the rest of it is a bit -- I'm sorry, Maureen -- mutton dressed as lamb. Or, more accurately, mutton dressed as a schoolgirl crossed with a flapper married to a librarian. Which is an interesting and complex Halloween costume for sure, but (a) Halloween is still two and a half weeks off and (b) this isn't a costume party.

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