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October 16, 2007

Fuglissa George

Congratulations to Melissa George on her new show, Touched By A Goth:

I get that she was going for deep and dramatic lip color, but it came out looking like she ate a six-pack of black-cherry popsicles in the limo and washed it down with a bottle of red wine and some frothy O-negative. And while that doesn't sound like such a bad life -- except for the blood part; if there's anything that Moonlight has taught me, it's that Jason Dohring looks really out of place in a business suit with suspenders... oh, and also, being a vampire is awkward -- it's not exactly an ideal style choice. Although I'll grant her that my inability to notice anything but her aggressive mouth distracts me from the cranky face she's pulling. Perhaps she only just got through reading the message boards about her season of Alias.

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