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October 29, 2007

Fugmere Fugia

So, I have this issue with Cashmere Mafia - which has to premiere soonish, I guess, we're practically at November sweeps here, people -- which is that I keep getting it confused with Lipstick Jungle (which I guess doesn't start until after the NFL season is over, and then I won't watch it anyway, because it's on during Brothers and Sisters and the other night I had this dream that I was married to Balthazar Getty and we were REALLY HAPPY [ironically, I had a similar dream back when I was in 10th grade] and I can't not watch the show featuring the man to whom I was so blissfully dream-wedded ). I am sure I am not the only person doing this, since they sound exactly the same (if only the CW would throw their hat into the ring with Pedicure Coven and CBS would close the circle with Tampax Warriors). AND Patricia "Sex and the City" Field is doing the outfits for Cashmere Mafia even though the Candace Bushnell book-based one is the OTHER one.  In fact, I had a whole conversation with Heather the other day about the book Cashmere Mafia is based on and how I found it surprisingly entertaining and good and then I realized that I really meant Lipstick Jungle and oh my god, just keeping them straight is making my head spin and that's not even taking into account the fact that they will probably both suck, but might have interesting clothes. You know, like this:

[Photo: Splash News]

All I can say is that PLEASE GOD this better be a situation where they're just filming her from the waist up, because if we're all supposed to be wearing fabulous gold suits that probably cost like thousands and thousands of dollars with UGGS(!), then I can NOT be held responsible for my actions, which will probably -- no, definitely -- include violent acts illegal in several states and a whole heck -- a whole HELL of a lot -- of swearing.

But I do like Lucy's lipstick.

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