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October 04, 2007

I'm A Celebrity, Fug Me Out Of Here!

"Yo yo YO, beeyotches, it's David Gest in the HIZZZZAAAAAY!"

"WORD, you know what I'm saying? I mean... fo' SHIZ, homeslice! I'm coming for yo' ass, Eminem -- the world wants to hear my wack rhymes, right, and it's TIME for you to understand the TRUE David Gest. My first single is gonna be called, 'Bitch Threw A Vase At My Head,' and the B side is, ''Vaginica Seaman, Where Have You Gone? 'Cause You Gots To Clean My Fridge.' It's gonna be OFF the HOOK, peeps. Come with me on this wack journey, because all the proceeds go to my charity, Chinese Girls With Herpes. Don't come crying to me if you're from Kenya or Iceland or friggin' Japan and you have the herpes -- I don't give a DAMN about YOUR plight, you hear? I am only ONE MAN. One wild, rockin', cool as HELL, MAD HIP dude. Come roll with me."

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