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October 04, 2007

Well Played: Jennifer Garner

We need to talk about Jennifer Garner, and not in a OH MY GOD JENNIFER PUT AWAY THOSE WHITE SATIN HOT PANTS kind of way, thank goodness. Basically, while our fondness for her is well-documented, even the haters have to admit that she has been WORKING IT lately. I love the dress she wore to the London premiere of The Whatever It's Called That Looks Sort of Like Alias But With Jamie Foxx And Without Wigs, Which Is Generally a Mistake:

And I ALSO love the dress she wore to the Paris premiere of same:

So pretty! And colorful! And classic! But not boring! But while whoever's styling her has been really on the ball lately (I know that she often works with Rachel Zoe, and if that's the case, I must salute you, Zoe. Even if I don't enjoy it), most of all, I have been coveting her hair. I don't know what she's putting in it to make it so shiny and bouncy -- volumizer? Violet's saliva? The blood of virgins? -- but I want some, and I will pay whatever you charge.

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