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October 23, 2007

Why Did I Get Fugspray?

ZAC EFRON: I feel...so strange right now.

JANET JACKSON: My weight loss/gain cycle IS amazing, isn't it? But I believe the word you're looking for right now to describe me is HOT.  Do you like my veneers? Take a real close look if you want!

JOHN TRAVOLTA: Yes, my shirt IS gingham. Wanna make something of it?

ZAC: Seriously. I need to sit down. I hope no one spiked my drink. I just saw something about that on Lifetime. What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to lie down? I want to take off my tie.

JANET: God, this is SO MUCH BETTER than the time Star Magazine was saying I bought out the House of Pies. Which was a LIE, by the way. Can't a girl eat a pie now and then in this town, anyway? Am I right?

JOHN: Nothing wrong with a smart little check, is what I'm saying.

ZAC: Are there TWO Janet Jacksons next to me? I'm scared. I think my skinny tie is talking to me. It just said, "Zac! I'm anorexic!" That doesn't make any SENSE! Maybe I shouldn't have mixed my Benadryl with those four martinis. But I'm thirsty, AND I have allergies! What was I supposed to do?

JANET: I feel so happy right now, I'll even answer questions about my secret marriage! Yes! Ask away!

JOHN: My shirt matches one of Kelly's aprons. Gingham rocks!

ZAC: This party is weird.

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