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November 09, 2007

Basic Infug

In case PETA isn't already plotting Sharon's death as payback for the World's Most Awkward Fur Wrap (also known as The Second Time Sharon's Shown Us That Much Beaver. ZING!), this ought to put the vegan seal on her death warrant:

That's...a lot of different animals on there. We've got whatever poor funereal emu sacrificed his feathers for her trim; whatever sad, strange animal that contributed to that collar/elbow-warmer concoction that reminds me, weirdly, of what toast would look like if it were made of fur; and, of course, the leather pants.  No matter where you stand on the old Fur Versus Faux issue, this outfit is seriously just begging for a crazed gang of denuded woodland creatures to come barreling out of the woods after her, demanding their clothes back. They have a point -- she does seem to be wearing more than her fair share.

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