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November 06, 2007

Fug or Fab: Melissa George

So, it's Melbourne Cup time again, and here at GFY HQ, we LOVE Melbourne Cup time. For one thing, the outfits and hats associated with the event are almost always awesome, terrible, or awesome AND terrible. For another, we always hear from a higher percentage of our Australian readers than usual during the Time o' the Cup, and generally those emails include entertaining and salacious tidbits about whichever Australian star we've featured, along the lines of, "until 2004, she was a man," or "and then his character on Home and Away fell down a well!"  This time, however, said Australian is well known to us all as the girl who was surprisingly entertaining on the surprisingly entertaining but ill-fated Thieves with John Stamos, and who was surprisingly terrible on a surprisingly uneven season of Alias, and who is not making, shall we say, her first appearance on this website. Ladies and gents, Melissa George:

I truly am torn. On one hand, she appears to be in costume as an ostrich. On the other hand, you have to give it up for someone who commits so fully to the Fancy Horse Race Get-Up concept, and god knows I love a hat that looks like it could also be a cake. No, I really do.

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