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November 08, 2007

Fug Shift

So, how much do you want to bet that Goldie Hawn looks JUST like this when she runs out of the ashram on a cold morning to grab her newspaper?

[Photo: Splash]

I feel like she would be an interesting neighbor. You'd probably overhear some decent fights between her and Kurt -- no one is together that long without fighting, even if it's only over forgetting to balance the checkbook -- and you'd have the perfect perspective with which to provide the interwebs with constant updates on Kate Hudson's hair (which, I must admit, I think is really fantastic and deeply covet. In fact, if I lived next door to Goldie, I'm pretty sure that there would come a day when I would leap out my door and dash down the front walk to ambush Kate and demand to know what she does to make it look so good. And then she would tell me, pityingly, that she uses genetics, and then I would go inside and eat a package of frozen waffles).  But be that as it may, it's hard to excuse leaving the house for real in what is essentially satin pajamas and a fancy furry robe.

Though I guess we have to give her points for leaving the fuzzy slippers at home.

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