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November 15, 2007


Kelly Osbourne has been looking pretty cute lately. Just look at her and Jack at a recent event:

Cute! Love the make-up, love the hair, love the body-conscious but not trashyola dress. Cute without looking cookie-cutter starlet-y, and thank god for that. (Jack looks cute, too. Clearly, not having to live through their young adulthood on television is agreeing with them.)

And she looks cute at this event last night  -- if a little maturely dressed for her actual age:

Well, okay: she looks cute from the neck down.

Now, don't get your culottes in a twist. I'm not talking about her ACTUAL FACE -- for one thing, I've always thought Kelly was very pretty, and even if she weren't, it would be kind of 8th grade of me to be all, "SUCKS ABOUT YOUR FACE!" And I have reached at least the maturity of an 11th grader.  I'm talking about her MAKE-UP:

Girl. No. Unless you are in costume for your leading role in WITH A Z! The Liza Minnelli Story, this hair, with this make-up, is just too much. There's all that rosy English skin under there -- let 'er breath! You've got like, seriously, at least 20 years before you need to rely on that much slap, and even THEN, it's useful only if you want your nieces and nephews to be like, "Oh, Aunt Kelly! She's kind of eccentric! I love her. Let's go play in her wig closet."

Which is a legitimate desire, for sure, but wait until the time is right!

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