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November 07, 2007

Fugpin Glover

Sometimes, maybe even twice a day if things are really slow and Intern George is out on a cheesecake run, conversation at GFY HQ turns to the whereabouts of Courtney Peldon. What happened to our wee platinum mascot/stabbed horror-movie actress/contented coattail rider of her budding perfume-mogul sister?

The answer is: We have no idea. I once saw the sisters Peldon at the Century City movie theater taking in a flick with their parents -- I wish I could remember what movie we were seeing, but I do recall that I was nervous they would catch me gaping at them, and  I didn't have my cell phone with me and it was AGONY not being able to text anybody RIGHT in the moment that I realized I was staring at the people who for so long were our fugspiration -- but that was probably six months or so ago, and since then, nada.

We can, however, check in on what's up with her crazy ex-fiance, Crispin Glover, which in many ways is just as thrilling considering that he was once her density.

Turns out our boy George McFly is running around town trying to fill the Peldon void in his life with Amber Heard from Hidden Palms.

HEATHER: Oh, Hidden Palms, what are you DOING?

JESSICA: That picture is spectacular. Hidden Palms is only 21, right? What is she doing?

HEATHER: I know, doesn't she know that down that road lies rats and Wicca? Plus, she wasn't even BORN when Back To The Future came out. Creepy.

JESSICA: Wow, that makes me feel old.

HEATHER: His middle name is apparently Hellion. Think that was a self-fulfilling prophecy or that he changed it late in life?

JESSICA:  Seriously, he looks CRAZY. This photo makes me miss C.Peld. They were such a... special couple.

HEATHER: He and Katie Holmes almost have the same hair.

JESSICA: I just love the idea that Crispin Glover has this undying love for marginally talented blondes.

HEATHER: I love the idea that Hidden Palms and C.Peld would probably be really flattered to know you called them "marginally talented blondes."

JESSICA: Right? And people think we're mean.

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