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November 26, 2007

Fugstralian Idol

MATT CORBY: Hey, Natalie, congratulations on beating me out to win Australian Idol. Nobody thought you would, of course, but you did, and that's nice for you.

NATALIE GAUCI: Thanks, Matt! Gosh, I'm just so thrilled. I do think maybe this is an occasion where you could've tucked in your shirt -- maybe that was bad karma?

MATT: Oho, don't you worry about me, lady. I'm going to make it HUGE as a Zac Efron impersonator. Just a little bronzer and some dilated pupils and a little off the back, and I'm there. But what are YOU going to do?

NATALIE: What do you mean? I'm going to sing!

MATT: I was referring to your dress. What is anybody going to want from someone who looks like she got knocked up by a plastic-lei factory?

NATALIE: I don't think...

MATT: I GUESS you could sing your new single at luaus. Meanwhile I'm CERTAIN I'll be doing, like, High School Musical 10 and Hairspray 3 and all that stuff, because even though Zac Efron won't be fresh forever, those stories will be!

NATALIE: We'll just see, Matt. We'll just see.

MATT: We will. Call me, Zac! I need to know what kind of self-tanner and straight-iron you use!

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