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November 12, 2007

Mr Magorium's Wonder Fugporium

DUSTIN HOFFMAN: Just hang on for a few more pictures, kid. Don't you move a muscle.

NATALIE PORTMAN: I just feel kind of uncomfortable in this dress.

DUSTIN: You got great gams, kid. Everything's going to be fine. We just need to pose a little bit longer. You can't try to run away from these guys like that again. It's a sign of weakness.

NATALIE: I know. But I've never worn anything this short in public. I feel exposed. Do I look like Britney Spears? You'd tell me if I did, right?

DUSTIN:  You look fine, kid! Relax! Relax! You couldn't look like Britney Spears if you attacked an SUV with an umbrella!

NATALIE: My lipstick seems too red for this dress. Is it too red? It's too red, isn't it? Why did I let them talk me into any of this, Dustin?

DUSTIN: Kid, why do we let anyone talk us into anything? I think you look tastier than a sandwich in the middle of a juice fast! The real question is why you let them talk you into having Haley Joel Osment's haircut in that wackola kid's movie we just made together, but the ink's dry on that one, right? Keep smiling!

NATALIE: I do look much cuter than I do on that movie poster, you're right.  Okay. Okay, you're right. You're right. I know you're right. I should be out there working this.

DUSTIN:  That's the spirit, kid!

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