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December 10, 2007

Fug or Fab: Ione Skye

So, I've been looking at this picture of Ione Skye for like twenty minutes:

For one thing, I am moderately perplexed as to why she's attending the Hollywood Life Breakthrough of the Year Awards. It's not 1989. I mean, no offense, Ione -- you seem to be leading a well-rounded life, from what I read in glossy shelter magazines featuring your home -- but you kind of already had that big breakthrough.  Remember? He gave you his heart and you gave him a pen? Anyway, I'm also perplexed by this outfit, mostly because I feel like I should enjoy it more than I do. I love polka dots! I love dramatic ruffles! I love blue! And yet, all these things together feel a bit like the dress uniform at clown college.  I think I could get behind all the ruffles if the rest of the outfit was, say, white to match. And I could of course support the dots if the ruffles weren't so VIOLENT and invasive. But how does this measure up in your eyes?

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