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December 14, 2007

Fugden Wohl

Arden Wohl is a socialite who denies being a socialite, and who has a penchant for accessorizing her forehead.

Arden Wohl was ALSO recently flown out of her nursery in the middle of the night by a betighted prepubescent boy, taken to a strange land where a bunch of young kids somehow manage to live together despite having no discernible way of doing laundry, pissed off a jealous fairy, had a series of pirate-adjacent adventures that no doubt contributed to that dirt smudge on her white tights, and was then dropped off in the Real World in time to make an appearance at this party. It's nice of Neverland to respect Arden's social schedule, but I suspect their willingness to work around it has something to do with her fashioning a bag and shoes out of Captain Hook's famous nemesis.

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