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December 14, 2007

Fugger Fugabo

Well, at least Piper Perabo has cheered up considerably.

However, it's possible she hasn't taken a shower in two days, which kind of undermines the grin.

It's funny -- if she had tried a little harder she might be getting a Well Played, or at least getting ignored. The dress itself could be cute in a different context; I'm not sure I get the black triangles up by the straps, because on first glance they look like the tops of a very aggressive bra, but the pattern and colors are interesting. So if she'd just bothered to do up her hair in a more sleek (or brushed, or not-fried-looking) manner and matched it with less lazy shoes -- I mean, I love a red peep toe too, but not here -- or even just gave off the impression that she did not roll out of bed half an hour beforehand, she might've pulled off the whole thing nicely. Instead it's all schlumpy, like she wore it around all day while she was on the couch eating Doritos and watching college basketball and then dug out some shoes that would mostly hide her chipped pedicure and yawned her way out the door to a party.

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