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December 03, 2007

Fuggifer Morrison

"Oh, no," I thought to myself this evening. "This is it. This is the one."

"This is going to be the week when I open my virtual sasshole and spit out something sarcastic about how Jennifer Morrison looks like her head is on backwards, and then someone's going to e-mail me with a link to a Very Serious News Story about how she DID in fact have an unintentional head-reversal during a tragic -- yet, oddly, also scientifically miraculous and fascinating -- plastic-surgery accident. And then her people will call my people (which is to say, me, or maybe my parents if they're really itching for someone to call me by my first AND middle names) and I'll have to donate my house to a foundation for victims of 180-Degree Syndrome, and they won't let me watch my daytime stories, and I'll slowly grow as insane as the evil Stefano DiMera."

Although possibly, that is not the only strange physical procedure she had done.

Jennifer ALSO appears to have her feet removed and stilts screwed into the stubs (and, with her new AND OF COURSE TRAGIC limited range of neck-motion, the poor girl probably couldn't even tell her stylist had crammed her into a pair of bellbottoms that could each fit three of Hugh Laurie).

She looks like a special-effect from Death Becomes Her: stretched-out, backwards, and unable to move comfortably. Fortunately, if this hinders her job performance on House, she could make some extra scratch as a receptionist at a funeral parlor for clowns.

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