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December 12, 2007

Fugletta Washington

I know the holidays are a confusing time, when we're all telling ourself lies about how we're going to eat less sugar this time around and not splurge as much on gifts, and then all of a sudden we're sitting on the couch watching Blackadder's Christmas Carol while shoving mince pies into our faces with tape stuck to our legs because we're wrapping a a neverending pile of presents. It's a roller-coaster. But that's no excuse for this:

I mean, I shouldn't HAVE to point out that "tree skirt" actually DOES mean "skirt for the base of your tree." And yet I could swear I saw one in this exact style on sale at Target the other day. I suppose it's a bit of Project Runway-style creativity to cross-breed one of them with a ski jacket, but in all, I am reasonably certain I could stick Pauletta under my tree and cover her in presents and no one would know the difference.

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