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December 21, 2007

Happy Fugging Holidays

It's been a merry day at GFY HQ on this Friday before Christmas Day, and we've been hard at work on holiday cheer -- for instance, Intern George spiked the egg nog, Intern George wrapped all our presents for us, Intern George donned a Santa suit and let us sit on his lap for photographs, and Intern George performed a spirited and, at times, sensitive and heartfelt Christmas Carol medley that began with him bursting out of a giant figgy pudding and ended in him hitting the high notes of "O Holy Night" while confetti cannons exploded behind him. [Then, bless him, Intern George cleaned up his mess.]

And what better way to pay forward that remarkable jolly-holiday aura than to supply a photo that embodies the very essence of sugar and spice and everything nice. We present to you the winner of the Cutest Celebuspawn of 2007:

[Photo: Splash News]

It was a tough contest between her and just about every other famous baby, but since Violet Affleck is so adorable and smiley all the time -- especially here in her hat and wee pea coat, playing in the park with her mother -- we can't help but deem her the most darling. We'll take two of them, please, and don't skimp on the cute accessories.

Hopefully the image of Violet will warm your heart throughout next week, which we are taking as a vacation so that we can marinate in the joys of the season and give our computer screens a welcome break. We'll be back Jan. 2 to ring in 2008 with a hearty dose of fresh fuggings. In the meantime, we have one more present for you: news of the existence of this fugtrocious marvel of fabric, passed along to us by a reader, and which we could not help but share. Why? To serve as a helpful holiday reminder that no matter how much you hate that sweater your grandmother is about to give you, it will never, ever be as bad as those.

Happy holidays, and thanks so much for sticking with us day after day. Cheers!

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