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December 13, 2007

High Fug Musical III

ZAC EFRON:...and THEN I said, I'm gonna wear this FISHERMAN'S CAP AND I'M GONNA LOVE IT.

VANESSA HUDGENS: I just love you, Zac. I'm going to stare adoringly at your left ear.

JOHN MAYER: Wow, this kid seems hammered.

ZAC: AND I'm gonna wear my high school uniform shirt with it! THAT'S WHAT I'M GONNA DO.

VANESSA: I love how shiny you are, Zac. It's so manly to eschew blotting papers.

JOHN: This is amazing. This is so going on my blog.

ZAC: It's UNBELIEVABLE that no one seems to have nooooooooticed that I OFTEN look really OUT OF IT IN PHOTOSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. ISN'T IT?

VANESSA: Allegedly, baby. Allegedly out of it in photos.

JOHN: I have to start coming to more of these parties.  Also, this haircut was the right call on me, wasn't it? I love being right.

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