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December 06, 2007

Miss Golden Fug

So, I think I've figured out what bothers me about Rumer Willis. She rather gives off the  impression that she feels that she deserves massive amounts of attention simply...because. Presumably because her parents are famous. And that's....all she does. Is be photographed places. Often wearing something that seems to have been given a lot of thought along the lines of, "Does this seem EFFORTLESS ENOUGH? I don't think it does. GOD. I have to look MORE RELAXED. MORE RELAXED!!!!!" Kinda like this:

I don't hate the top. But I sure hate it with just her bra underneath, and tucked into pleated, cuffed shorts. It is simultaneously trying too hard and not giving nearly enough of a damn, which is actually rather illustrative of her public attitude. While Rumer may be a lovely, intelligent, delicious young lady, I just wonder whatever happened to children of celebrities using nepotism to actually GET JOBS rather than just get their pictures taken? I mean, Tori Spelling could have spent her entire life getting spray tans in the bowling alley of the Spelling mansion, but she took one for the team so that we could all experience "Donna Martin Graduates!" But these celebrity children today, I just don't know. Damn kids. Get a job! Get off my lawn! And wear some proper pants!

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