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December 18, 2007

Rachel Fugvin

Rachel Melvin is very cute. She's on Days of our Lives, playing one of those sassy and screwed-up college kids who are supposed to attract young people back to the soaps, but don't, because none of the writers are particularly hip to today's kids and their crazy nowadays-jive -- or indeed, these days, even there at all, because of the strike. But she's quite good on the show despite some truly excruciating storylines (including now, it seems, that old chestnut Oops I Killed A Dude By Accident But The Best Way To Deal With It Is To Cover It Up And Then Act Really Guilty, which has been displayed to equally excruciating yet more exquisitely acted extent on Friday Night Lights), and so I wish her a jolly 2008.

One thing that does apparently dog this girl from time to time, however, is having to deal with people who think she is ANOTHER famous dark-haired Rachel --which is to say, Rachel Bilson. Perhaps that's why La Melvin decided to go out in public wearing this:

[Photo: Splash News]

Since I have to believe there is no WAY Rachel Bilson would ever be caught dead in that cheap-looking tangerine ode to the Charlotte Russe clearance rack, this ensemble should have saved Rachel Melvin quite effectively from spending the entire night denying any firsthand olfactory knowledge of Adam Brody's natural musk.

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