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January 09, 2008

Fug or Fab: Lucy Liu

First of all, can we discuss how TERRIBLE Cashmere Mafia is? It's like a high school film class project written by a trust fund kid who's decided to replicate Sex and the City, but with more slapstick and less heart. So the production values are great, but it's chock-full of groaners like, "she's wishing him BONE voyage," re: a character who's having pre-business trip sex with her husband. Also, everyone has seemingly been instructed to purr her lines, except for poor Bonnie Somerville, who has already knocked heads (literally) with the object of her affection and for some reason occasionally speaks with a Tough New York accent. I guarantee you her character will, at some point, find herself locked out of her hotel room naked.  It's worse than The Starter Wife. By a lot. I'm just saying.

But, Lucy Liu's hair is really cute in it -- even if she does dress like someone who spent all her grad school years watching Sex and the City and trying to make her friends refer to her inappropriate boyfriend as Mr Big (Pat Field strikes again) -- and I like her, so it's nice to see her making the rounds again. Or is it?

[Photo: Splash News]

Is this fun (the gloves! the color!) or just plain old crazy (the twenty minutes you'd spend standing in your undies, staring at it and trying to figure out how exactly to put it on without accidentally getting your head woven through the bodice)?

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