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January 15, 2008

Go Fug Yourself: Now In Cotton Form

We love clothes. And we love a good fugging. Now, at long last, we can have our cake and throw it in someone's face, too.

Thanks to the hard work of the illustrious, generous, and talented Glark over at Glarkware, we here at GFY HQ are delighted to unveil our brand new Go Fug Yourself store. It's open for business 24/7, it's never over-airconditioned, and there is always a prime parking spot for you -- yes, you -- right out front.

We're launching the store today with the above shirt, plus two others for your passive-aggressive trash-talking pleasure. It's like a silent fugging -- if Charlie Chaplin were a fashion blogger, he'd probably pick up one of these to wear under one of his coats. A tip, though: Hide your grandmother's bifocals before she gets wind of what your clothes are trying to say. Her blood pressure will thank you.

Drop by the GFY store, bookmark it, or wait until later in the week when we add a permanent link to our site banner. Whatever you like. Just remember that all of these colors look really great on you. No, seriously. They totally bring out your eyes. Intern George just said so, and he never lies.

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