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January 30, 2008

Hi Fug

This is Kellie Hoggart, who used to be an Australian pop singer and is now on some children's program there called Hi-5, which I'm sure brings great joy to Australian children and terrible pain to their parents, the kind of pain that comes when you find yourself standing in front of the copier at work idly humming a song from the show and then realizing that you've been singing it for THREE DAYS:

Leaving aside the fact that she looks rather like Courtney Peldon to me (a revelation which led to my wondering if perhaps she has a marginally less-well-known, darker-haired sister and a sadly broken engagement to a quirky actor in her past), I must express sincere concern about her midsection, and what tragic event led her to her decision to wrap it up like a package of Jordon almonds at a particularly frilly wedding.

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