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January 17, 2008

In Two Weeks, Our Fug Child Is Born

So, this is it. After months of gestation -- growing, changing, expanding, turning into something recognizable -- we're finally ready for our book to hit stores. It really IS like having a baby, minus the mess. And the sharp surgical instruments.

Still, behold the cover of Go Fug Yourself: The Fug Awards.

If you're yearning for the Golden Globes and the Oscars end up similarly imperiled and/or embarrassingly lame, then you can sate your awards-show cravings with our book. It's all new material, even if a handful of the pictures are some old favorites (like, say, the shot of Scarlett Johansson mangling her boobs in that cocktail dress, or Fergie and her follicular flagella). And designer Jane Archer created a special statuette for every award category, which really does elevate the whole enterprise. We wanted to design them in Intern George's glorious image, but of course ultimately he is too full of hugs and perfection to be immortalized in Fug Award form, so we settled for consulting him every step of the way. Currently he is taking a nap with an advance copy of the book nestled under his head.

Officially, the book is released on Tuesday, Feb. 5, but you can also pre-order it in all the usual places -- Amazon, Barnes &  Noble, through a BookSense retailer, etc. Soon we'll be updating our masthead to reflect a link to the new GFY store on Glarkware, as well as a link to a page dedicated to the book, and any updates about promotional appearances we might be doing if we can pry ourselves off the couch and face actual sunlight.

Here is where we would really like to conclude with something appropriately snarky about all this, but honestly, we had such a blast with our book every step of the way; we just sincerely hope anyone who buys it truly enjoys it. We couldn't have done it without you guys. Well, you, and a lot of really bad clothes on some really blind famous people. We're grateful for them, too.

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