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January 03, 2008


Everybody loves a makeover. Even the terrible ones on America's Next Top Model. There are few things as satisfying for celebrity voyeurs -- or Biggest Loser addicts -- as a good before-and-after shot to show how far someone's come. Hey, it worked for Katie Holmes last year, right? Nobody even TALKS about Teaching Mrs. Tingle any more (not that we've forgotten about it, KATIE and HELEN MIRREN -- we have memories like elephants). All anyone wants to discuss is what she's wearing and whether the haircut works.

So this week in our "New York Fugging City" column, we suggest stars who could use a little extra style mojo to propel them through 2008:

"It says something about Jessica Simpson that we can’t remember anything about her wardrobe except that it’s generally too small for her. If anyone needs the restorative power of some flattering new outfits, it’s a woman whose last two movies were both deemed too heinous for wide release."

Check out the rest here: "The Fug Girls' Official Celebrity-Style Mandates For 2008."

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