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January 21, 2008

Suger and Fug

When I saw this portrait of Mena Suvari at Sundance, I naturally assumed she was in costume as her character in Mysteries of Pittsburgh AKA -- if you listen to that charming master of PR Sienna Miller -- Mysteries of Shitsburgh. (Don't email me, Pittsburgers -- I have not been to your fair burgh, but I would NEVER speak ill of the home of the Steelers, especially as it is also the city where ketchup was invented. Take it up with S. Mil, and tell her I sent you):

HAS to be a costume of some sort, right? RIGHT? But then:

She's wearing on the streets! As brazen as you please! Like someone from a Ratt tribute band! I know it's cold out there, but surely the brain freeze shouldn't kick in this early! It's only like day three at Sundance or something! Look at all the exclamation marks I've been forced to use to discuss this! Do you think she's looking at a photo of herself and thinking, "dang. The studded gloves WERE too much. I KNEW IT!"?

Please say yes.

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