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January 30, 2008

The Bionic Fugger

Katee Sackhoff was the only amusing thing about NBC's ill-fated Bionic Woman remake -- so, of course, the last few episodes they showed didn't have her in it, because why roll with what works?

Indeed, Katee may have applied that philosophy to her wardrobe. At the premiere of Over Her Dead Body (which, parenthetically: How BAD does that look?!? Could someone out there please go ahead and pay Paul Rudd's mortgage or something, so he doesn't feel like he has to stoop this low? He's too good for it, and also, I don't want him to develop a hunch), Katee whipped out this little number:

[Photo: flynetonline.com]

Hopefully Katee is waving to the person who fought his or her way through the crowd with her coat. Not only is the dress washing her out, but the color is radioactive. You could ball it up, shove it into your DeLorean's secret reactor, and hit up 1955 for a sock hop.

Also, that fabric is notoriously unforgiving if you plan to sit down in it -- the limo ride already gave her some creases -- but it lends credence to my secret theory that she is merely going through the motions here and plans to bolt as soon as the lights go down in the theater. Perhaps she, too, does not want to remember Paul Rudd this way.

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