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February 12, 2008

27 Fugs

I know I was out of town for a while, but I'd think I would have heard the news that Katherine Heigl was joining the cast of a new sitcom about six sassy sexy singles living together in a big city, trying to make it it big while living in an expensive loft and working at a series of glamourous, unrealistic jobs like: magazine editor, model booker, fashion designer, wedding planner, TV producer, and personal chef (because NO ONE on television is ever, like, an account manager at an insurance company or a paralegal or works for the county or something). I feel like I DEFINITELY would have heard the news that she was taking over the role of the sassy Mona-Robinson-esque downstairs neighbor/landlady, formerly played by Ellen Burstyn:

"You kids! I came up here to tell you to keep it down, but you're just too cute for me to stay mad at! Regale me with tales of your romantic problems, so I can respond with comments that are too comically graphic for my advanced age, in the hopes that this will evolve into the sort of part where the studio audience claps with barely-contained glee at all my entrances! Pass the Ensure!"

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