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February 07, 2008

A Fugly Heart

So, either Angelina Jolie is pregnant or she isn't, but regardless, she has got to stop with the glorified muumuus. Brad can't even look at her.

[Photo: Splash News]

Seriously, when Blanche Deveraux meets an attractive man -- who, almost invariably, has an unsightly mustache and/or is so old that all the sex jokes they make about her become incredibly ooky -- this is the type of thing she wears to dinner with him before she runs home and gets the girls together to talk about something shocking about him (he's married! He's blind! He eats babies!) that was revealed at the end of Act One. And listen, I know we bring up The  Golden Girls a lot; I hear that. But lest we forget, that show is one of society's greatest touchstones and giver of precious insights into the dietary and clothing preferences of the aged. The other afternoon, while we furiously blogged about some fashion show Sophia Bush was probably at, we caught part of an episode in which Dorothy wore a sweater and a button-down WITH A TIE over sweatpants, and then followed it up with wearing three different sweaters layered over one another and paired with a long skirt. Magical. And there was cheesecake involved.

Back to the point. The thing is, Angie, it doesn't matter to us whether you are stoked-and-wowed McConaughey-style about the life or lives growing in your womb, or you're just really into eating salt from the container and can't fight the ensuing bloat. It's all good. But you are ANGELINA JOLIE. You can dress better than this, no matter what the truth of your waistline is.

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