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February 05, 2008

A History of Fug

Why, why, why does Viggo Mortensen insist so violently on disturbing the sexy?

We have SEEN YOU, Viggo. We know that you are HOT. And when you are THAT HOT, it is really a crime to show up places looking like you just walked off the set of Not Without My Confederacy: The Jefferson Davis Story, now filming for Lifetime. We already take you seriously, dude. We saw that full frontal knife fight in Eastern Promises. We KNOW no one undergoes a full frontal KNIFE FIGHT unless they are a SERIOUS actor who cares more about the craft than about knives near important personal bits. So please, love, consider a wee bit of shampoo. All those Aragorn fantasies are about to hit their expire-by date. Don't let yourself get left on the shelf!

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