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February 22, 2008

Cashfug Mafia

So, I might be watching Cashmere Mafia. Trust: it's not good. But it is kind of fun in its badness, and the clothes are predictably Pat Field-y, which is to say, totally irrational for the real world but evoking a sort of delightful WTF? This is FANTASTIC/TERRIBLE! feeling in the television viewer. For example, this past week, Lucy Liu went for a jog with her super-hot neurosurgeon boyfriend:

IN A FUR COAT. In nearly four years of writing this website, I have become slightly better at maintaining my poker face, but I turned the TV on to see this and actually said -- aloud, to the empty house -- "WHAT IS SHE WEARING?"

Later, Lucy Liu was sort of stalking this dog (don't ask. It was a metaphor), and went to the dog park in this:

Obviously. What you can't tell -- because my technology here might be slightly low tech -- is that her sleeves are made....of chain mail. Yes. Awesome/terrible!

But be that as it may, what's the point of a nighttime soap without crazy outfits? Dynasty would have been nothing without its giant fur turbans and ear-level shoulder pads. It's when the show's stars start getting used to being trussed up like a wacky couture turkey (...a couturkey, if you will) and begin showing up in real life looking completely wacked-out that it all falls apart. Like Bonnie Somerville for example:

Oh honey, no.  Somerville is sort of the show's weak link to begin with -- her character has a very bizarre Nu YAWK accent that comes and goes randomly, and she...might have Mafia ties? Or not. And she's kind of a lesbian, but not really? But really. But no.  But maybe. And her makeup is always terrible, despite the fact that she does something non-specific BUT IMPORTANT for a make-up company -- and this is certainly the Weakest Link version of some of the nutbag-but-at-least-interestingly-nutbaggish stuff Lucy Liu has been wearing around town. I dare say that a fur jogging suit would be an improvement on this.

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