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February 18, 2008

Fab AND Fug: Diane Kruger

So, there's a part in the book where we talk about Diane Kruger, and how sometimes she looks AMAZING, and sometimes she looks like she woke up in an alternate universe where everyone wears trash compactors as hats. That happened again this weekend.

First, we've got the fantastic:

I love that. I think she looks so chic and unusual and....you know, very Dramatic Gorgeous European Actress who bathes in alpaca milk and owns a leopard. In a good way.

But then, the next day the pendulum clearly swung into the other direction. The fully batshit crazy direction:

Well, the shoes are good, at least, right? And the skirt is great for those evenings when Big Bird really wants to go formal. But I  can't get behind the concept of Formal High Fashion Uptight Schoolgirl Maitre d'. I just can't. I feel like she's about to seat me at a crappy table right next to the bathroom and then smack me with her geometry book, and not in the sexy way. On either count.

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