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February 19, 2008

Fug or Fab: Katherine Heigl

Full disclosure. I love this coat. I love a kitschy, costume-y coat, especially if it looks like something Auntie Mame would wear to brunch to talk about all the money she's not leaving you until you clean up your act.

In fact, I have to be honest and admit that I might -- nay, totally would -- wear this whole thing, with sluttier shoes and different accessories. But I was discussing this very look with some people recently, and there seemed to be the thought that there's something about the huge string of pearls and the hair and the Giant Proffered Cig that pushes her right into Wackadoo Old Broad territory. Wackadoo Old Broad Just Exiting Manhattan Divorce Court, if you will. And while I unironically can't WAIT until I can legitimately be a Wackadoo Old Broad, I am.

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