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February 18, 2008


I think it's about time Adrian Grenier reconsidered the beard.

[Photo: Splash News]

I don't know if it's for Entourage, or something else, or if nobody told him that strike beards are so January 2008 because that whole thing is over. And I'm not an anti-beardite, I swear. Lots of splendid people have beards, like Santa, and my dry cleaner, and sometimes Judd Apatow. But the one-two wallop of bushy hair plus facial shrubbery give off a whiff of Adrian having been sequestered in a woodland cabin, scraping bark off the trees to make his own paper, foraging for berries to turn into homemade jam, and preparing for when the aliens come to get us by building a rocket-sidecar he can use to transport more people to the promised galaxy.

Don't get me wrong -- I'm sure that whoever is on the receiving end of bath soap made entirely out of leaves and spit will really appreciate the gift, and I bet Adrian needed the detox after hanging out with Paris Hilton so much. But it also might be a good time for him to rejoin civilization. It's not worth missing Lost episodes just to become one with nature and make your own coasters out of fish heads.

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