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February 07, 2008

Martha Stewart Omnifugia

When I first saw this picture of Martha -- whom, for the record, I LOVE. I love her magazines, I love her cookbooks, I love her television show, especially when she's making people drink cocktails at nine in the morning and flirting with any male guest she gets. I know a lot of people don't care for her, but I think she's the cat's perfectly laundered pajamas -- I wondered, "Martha, what is the deal with those white hose?"

Then I realized. It's clearly in homage to Gossip Girl's Queen B, Blair Waldorf. Because, truly, ISN'T Martha REALLY just Blair Waldorf all grows up? Think about it: she's very highly perfection-oriented; people do her bidding; she MEANS well but sometimes she probably threatens people with scissors; she probably has made out with a man wearing a turtleneck in a limo at some point; and you know she's got some headbands hidden away somewhere. Martha Stewart IS Blair Waldorf. And somehow, that makes the white hose extremely okay.

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