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February 15, 2008

NAACP Awards Fug Carpet Scrolldown: Christel Khalil

This picture of Christel Khalil from The Young and the Restless -- who played the daughter of crazy-hat-wearing Victoria Rowell, made out with her current boyfriend at her own divorce party, and had a whole storyline where she got gonorrhea, although everyone seems to have forgotten about that -- is technically not a scrolldown, because it was better at the bottom than at the top.

So I MADE it a scrolldown.

The color is fantastic, I love the train, the dress has so much potential.... and then, the accessories.

It's hurting my head to look at them this way, so let's flip her over again.

Still love the dress -- it fits her beautifully -- and on its own it might've saved the uninspiring hair. But those accessories are so over the top, as if her local Claire's store got sloshed on bourbon and threw up all over her head. The earrings, the choker, the two plastic-looking lengths of beads...

... and of course, a shoulder flower, because what this outfit needs is a fake fuchsia blossom that looks more like a tiny bird flew into her shoulder and met its grisly death. Seriously, looking at this close-up, you'd think she were attending the Union of Frontier Bordello Madams Local No. 102 annual meeting, where they're voting on a controversial proposal mandating regular syphilis tests and discussing a ban on nooses during foreplay. Y&R may want to consider a time-travel storyline to maximize the fact that she's already got the costume.

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